Thankful Tree Poster Pack (leaves included)

Thankful Tree Poster Pack (leaves included)


Pack includes:

  • Heavy-duty plastic 22 x 28" poster

                Use it year after year!

  • 100 leaf-shaped sticky notes (25 each of red, yellow, orange, and green) 3 1/2" x 3 5/8"

  • Removable foam tape to hang poster on your window, wall, or door

  • Dry erase marker to personalize poster

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Life is busy, and there are so many demands on our time.  Sometimes we see a great idea for creating a meaningful family tradition, but we just don’t get it done.  For all those plans and half finished projects in your basement, The Thankful Tree is DIY that isn’t quite so Do It Yourself.  It includes everything you need to help your loved ones express their thankfulness – a heavy duty plastic poster and removable tape to hang it up, 100 leaf-shaped sticky notes, and even a dry erase marker to personalize your poster.  You won’t have to draw a tree or cut 100 leaves out of construction paper.  You can spend your precious time where it really matters – making memories as you create a new tradition with your family.  As you express your thankfulness and fill the tree with leaves, you will also be creating a unique piece of art you will be proud to display.