Our Story

       We created the Thankful Tree to help you inspire thankfulness in your family and friends.  As they fill the tree by writing the things they are thankful for on leaf-shaped sticky notes, you will create lasting traditions and add deeper meaning to your special occasions.

       The original Thankful Tree was homemade - 6 feet tall and made of cardboard and fabric. Each year around November 1st we would tape the tree to our deck door, then trace and cut each leaf out of colorful paper. Our family loved writing the things they were thankful for on the leaves and taping them around the tree. They loved sharing the tree with friends who stopped by after school and watching the tree take shape and grow as we added all the things we were thankful for. But I didn’t love cutting out all those leaves!


       Our family has enjoyed this tradition so much that we wanted to make the Thankful Tree available for other families and groups to express their thankfulness. It had to be beautiful, easy to use, and strong enough to last year after year. It needed to include everything you need to start this tradition in your own home or classroom, so you are free to spend your precious time where it really matters - inspiring thankfulness and making memories.

       Our hope is that you and your friends and family will look forward to filling the Thankful Tree year after year as you make lasting memories together.